Prevent Back Pain When Traveling

Prevent Back Pain When Traveling

Preventing back pain while traveling begins at home when you are packing your bags and continues throughout your trip.

The past year has many of us looking forward to traveling again! But, whether we are exploring new places or soaking in old favorites, back pain can really spoil our plans for an exciting getaway. So, Dr. Murphy is sharing his tips to prevent back pain while traveling, below! He explains how you can prevent back pain when traveling, beginning even before you leave, what to bring with you and more!

What can I do before my trip to prevent back pain?

Mindful packing. When packing our belongings for a trip, many of us do a lot of bending forward to pick things up off the floor, fold clothing and put items in travel bags. Be aware of your body posture while doing this. Too much bending forward or prolonged periods of bending over your clothing can irritate the low back.

Is there anything I should bring with me to help prevent back pain?

Bringing your favorite resistance bands on the trip can be a great reminder of fitness. The bands are light, easy to pack and remind us to exercise. You can also bring a dual purpose gel bag like we have at the office. They can be frozen for cold therapy or heated in the microwave for heat therapy.

Are there any stretches or exercises I can do while on a trip to keep my back from hurting?

McKenzie press ups are typically very supportive for the joints and discs in the low back. Hip stretches are extremely helpful. Our low back does better when our hips are mobile and moving well. Stretches like knee to chest, figure-4 seated or supine.

If I do experience back pain while away, what should I do?

Stand and walk more than sitting. Walking in pool or shallow water also helpful. Apply ICE, Biofreeze or Moist Heat. Stretch hips and contact a local chiropractor or physical therapist.

Why can sitting for an extended period of time cause back pain?

Prolonged sitting causes micro-trauma to the low back discs, strains the back muscles and inhibits the core muscles not allowing them to protect your spine. All of this together equals “The Perfect Storm”.

If you are visiting Stamford, CT or know someone who will be, discover travel tips on the KAYAK Stamford Travel Guide, here.

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