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Preventing Back Pain While Working In The Yard

Preventing Back Pain While Working In The Yard

It’s that time of year when we are all beginning to do work in our backyards. While we want to make sure our hard work shows in our yards, we also want to make sure it isn’t causing back problems. So what can you do when preventing back pain while working in the yard?

Dr. Murphy with Stamford Spine is explaining what you can do before even getting in the yard to help prepare your back, as well as what to do if you experience back pain while doing yard work and how to wind down afterward.

How do I begin preventing back pain while working in the yard before beginning?

Light walking. Walking around the yard for 5 – 10 minutes will help to warm up your spine and get it ready for bending or exercising. Stretching your hips or performing hip mobility drills. The more mobile your hips are the less strain you will put on your low back. Your body will naturally use your hips more when bending if your hips have the flexibility. McKenzie Press Ups or Cobra Pose from yoga are excellent ways to warm up your lower back before working in the yard.

What should I do to keep my back from hurting while working?

When it comes to preventing back pain while working in the yard, make sure not to stay in the same position the whole time. Don’t stay bent over, get up and stand and do some gentle backbends. Take a knee. If you drop one knee down to the ground with the other leg bent out front this will stabilize your pelvis and help support your low back.

Does it help to wear a brace or anything like that while doing yardwork?

Yes. It does help to use a lumbar brace. They offer additional support for your spine. If you know that bending a lot typically causes your back to flare up, then wearing a brace while bending to do yard work could be extremely helpful.

What should I do if I experience back pain while doing yard work?

Stop bending, stand up straight, do a gentle walk and assess the damage. Meaning, how bad does your back hurt? Icing for 20 minutes can bring down the pain quickly. If the pain goes into your hips or down your leg then you should stop immediately.

What can I do if my back continues to hurt?

Don’t stretch your low back. This can actually cause the back pain to worsen. Stretch your hips instead. Apply ice for 20 minutes. Gentle walking. Don’t sit down on a lawn chair or couch. Lie down on a flat surface to rest the back and call your local friendly chiropractor.

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