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Should I Try “Cupping”?

Should I Try “Cupping”?

You may remember the round bruises on Michael Phelps’ back and shoulders during the Rio Olympic Games or the round marks on Gwenyth Paltrow’s back at the 2004 premier of “Anchorman.” Both were the result of “cupping” and when many say they heard about the therapy for the first time.

But what is Myofascial Cupping and who is a good candidate for it? Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions!

What is Myofascial Cupping?

A type of therapy that we offer at the practice where a plastic cup is put on the skin. A small pump is then used to create suction of fascia and muscle inside the cup.The pressure in the cup is then reduced by suction from a small pump

What is this treatment used for?

It’s used for increasing mobility, decreasing stiffness and pain.

Who is a good candidate for Myofascial Cupping?

This is a great treatment for someone who has chronic pain somewhere in their body. People that benefit the most from it are people with chronically tight upper traps, tight hips, golfer’s or tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis. It is also a good treatment option for people who don’t like chiropractic manipulation or deep tissue massage.

What parts of the body can the treatment be used on?

Really any painful or chronically tight area of the body can benefit from it. It can help to promote local circulation of blood to the muscles, decrease pain, increase mobility.

How often can this treatment be done?

It can be done about 2-3 times per month in the same location depending on how fast your muscle and body heal from the treatment.

Does it hurt?

The majority of the time it does not hurt because it creates a negative pressure or sucking pressure on an area that is requiring more blood flow and attention. However, it may hurt if someone is particularly sensitive in an area. One side effect is that the cups can cause a bruising mark of new blood flow to the area.

How long do the marks last?

The marks typically last one week depending on how fast the patient’s body reabsorbs the fluid.

Learn More!

If you would like to explore whether cupping is an option for you, call us at (203) 580-3232.

Find information here about what to expect during your first visit. Initial visits last one hour so that we have time to thoroughly assess your complaints and determine the best course of action. This initial evaluation helps us to determine the specific cause of your symptoms. From there, we can develop a unique treatment plan tailored to helping you heal as quickly as possible. 

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