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Using Massage Therapy With Chiropractic Treatment

Using Massage Therapy With Chiropractic Treatment

At Stamford Spine, we can use massage therapy in your chiropractic treatment plan to treat both muscle and joint pain. It is good at reducing muscle pain, while chiropractic adjustments are good at reducing joint pain. So when used together, these modalities help to alleviate the daily pains that come from poor posture and sitting for the majority of the day. Often, they cause a combination of muscle and joint pain. 

What are some chiropractic issues massage therapy helps?

It can help to alleviate pain in the neck or back due to prolonged periods of time sitting at a desk, in a car or bending while gardening, with the right approach. When we use massage and chiropractic in the same treatment, we provide a stronger platform for your body to recover from injuries.

Can you use massage therapy on its own for treatment?

We can use massage therapy on its own. So, for patients who are nervous or don’t want a chiropractic adjustment, we offer therapeutic stretching with the massage. This puts the patient at ease and provides relief from their pain.

What parts of the body can massage therapy be used on?

At Stamford Spine we find that most treatments are focused on the neck with overlap into the shoulders, and the low back with overlap into the hips. But, we can use massage therapy anywhere on the body. 

Is the relaxation associated with massage one of the reasons it is effective?

We will treat the area with massage therapy first, if we find that an area of the body is “getting stuck” and can’t be released by a chiropractic adjustment. This provides more relaxation which can help with increased joint motion or mobility.

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