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“I Was In So Much Pain…”

“I Was In So Much Pain…”

“If you want results from your therapy you are making a mistake if you don’t at least try Brian.

I was in so much pain and was ready to have surgery.

He was my last hope and exceeded my expectations.

My surgery was avoided.

Enough said.”

Carrie G.



“Dr. Murphy Really Listens to What’s Happening With You and Works to Problem Solve With You.”
“Dr. Murphy Really Listens to What’s Happening With You and Works to Problem Solve With You.”

Dr. Brian Murphy has changed my life. I was a multi-sport college athlete and when I was 19 I got hurt playing rugby. After that injury I didn’t get the care I needed and literally spiraled into a depression that lasted for years.

During my twenties and early thirties I saw a total of 9 doctors, surgeons, naturopaths, and chiropractors trying deal with the nagging back and shoulder injury and all the complications from it.

At 33 I was really starting to lose hope of every regaining full mobility in my shoulder and coming to terms with living everyday with back pain.

I was referred to Dr. Murphy by my trainer and within a few weeks started to feel better. I think the combination of chiropractic care, soft tissue work, and the rehab exercises he had me do made a significant difference pretty soon after seeing him. I had gone to other chiropractors multiple times a week without much relief.

Dr. Murphy really listens to what’s happening with you and works to problem solve with you. The time and attention he took with me made all the difference! Two years later I’m actually in better physical shape than when I was a college athlete and I’m still getting stronger all the time. I’ll be 36 this year and I’m in the best shape of my life, thanks in big part to Dr. Murphy who got my body back in working condition and has helped to motivate me to get better and stronger every step of the way.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write this. Thank you Dr. Murphy.

Meghan C.



“My Lower Back Was Killing Me…”

“My lower back was killing me! I have to teach Driver’s Ed and I commute an hour and a half to work every day. I’m always in my car and it makes my back feel worse. I was seeing another chiropractor before I came to see you, but all he did was adjust me. I like that you also do massage and exercise. I also like that your office is closer to my work. It’s so easy for me to come during my lunch break.”



  1. Lisa says

    Dr. Brian Murphy is an excellent doctor. I was referred to Stamford Spine and Dr. Murphy during the coronavirus pandemic as a result of both an ailing back / rib cage and rotator cuff. Scott Sanseverino, the office coordinator at Stamford Spine, accommodated my urgent request with same-day appointments and insurance follow ups. Dr. Murphy’s exceptional professionalism and expertise are very impressive. He conducted a detailed consultation, targeted treatments and at-home exercises and therapies to assist with pain management and strengthening. Dr. Murphy provided high-quality medical care, knowledge and compassion. Having gone to other chiropractors, I strongly recommend Dr. Brian Murphy at Stamford Spine. Thank you!



With Dr. Murphy’s Treatment, I No Longer Need the Injections.

“With Dr. Murphy’s Treatment, I No Longer Need the Injections.”

My pain started a little over 3 years ago in upper back of my legs and got worse with walking, relieved by sitting. I was not able to take long walks without a lot of pain and often times decided not to engage in that activity.

Early treatment (not with Dr. Murphy) consisted of epidural spinal injections which lasted about 2 months, then I suffered for an extra month before being allowed another injection (because of the limit of how often these can be safely administered).

With Dr. Murphy’s treatment, I no longer need the injections. While I still have some discomfort occasionally, I can engage in all the activities I want. Long walks with my wife are back as part of my routine. I highly recommend Dr. Murphy for non-invasive and effective chiropractic diagnosis and treatment.

After exploring all standard methods of imaging, epidural injections, consultation with 3 orthopedic surgeons, the choices I was contemplating were “living with the pain,” regular epidural spinal injections every few months, or surgery.

I wanted to explore chiropractic treatment as a possible way to resolve my condition without invasive methods. After research, I decided on visiting with Dr. Murphy based on a referral and on his certifications and the option of decompression therapy.

After reviewing all my medical history and conducting his own exam, Dr. Murphy put me on a program combining stretching and exercises with decompression therapy. It worked like magic!

One orthopedic surgeon I had consulted with was so impressed by the results that he asked for Dr. Murphy’s contact to reach out to him and discuss his methods for possible recommendations to his patients.

Dr. Murphy addressed all my questions, always took his time, and adopted an approach of partnering with me to ensure the best progress, that I stay motivated, and adopt the right routine and mindset. All these ingredients were key to success in my case.

Elie T



My Hip Is Feeling Ready to Go Again

“My Hip Is Feeling Ready to Go Again”

“I found Dr. Murphy through the recommendation of a friend. The pain I was having in my hip became so bad that I couldn’t run anymore. Running marathons is something that I’m extremely passionate about. He gave me rehab exercises to do for homework, and with stretching and deep massage, my hip is feeling ready to go again.”




“I Have Referred My Wife to Brian and I Would Feel Comfortable Referring the Rest of my Family and Friends to Him As Well”

I Have Referred My Wife to Brian and I Would Feel Comfortable Referring the Rest of my Family and Friends to Him As Well

“Dr. Murphy has allowed me to participate in one of the activities that brings me great joy in life… Futbol! I have to sit long hours in my car weekly to commute to work and it causes my back to go out and my hips to tighten up. I always try to stretch on my own before games and after workouts but I never seem to get anywhere with it.

Before I was treated by Dr. Murphy I would get injured a lot while playing futbol. I play in a local indoor league and I like to play hard! Dr. Murphy takes the time to listen to me when I tell him what’s bothering me that day before a game. I feel like the stretching and massage he does to me before a game really helps me to push myself.

I have referred my wife to Brian and I would feel comfortable referring the rest of my family and friends to him as well.”




“He Was Highly Recommended by a Friend and I Would Certainly Pass on the Recommendation!”

He Was Highly Recommended by a Friend and I Would Certainly Pass on the Recommendation!

“Dr. Murphy’s is a terrific practitioner. One of the things I appreciate most about him is that he is very holistic in his care. In addition to his adjustments, Dr. Murphy also spends a great deal of time working on loosening the muscles that are causing my body to come out of alignment.

He also shared several exercises for me to do on my own which have been beneficial in keeping my body functioning optimally in between appointments. He was highly recommended by a friend and I would certainly pass on the recommendation!”




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