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Our Clinical Strength Series products are non-prescription topicals that combine authorized over-the-counter active ingredients with natural emollients.

Can be purchased in office.


Our Clinical Strength Series

CBD CLINICTM CLINICAL STRENGTH Pain Relief Series was created in order to set the gold standard for pain relief based on 15 years of experience researching, developing, and testing OTC pharmaceuticals using natural ingredients.

Our unique tiered pain management system will help you treat incremental levels of pain directly at the source of discomfort with increasing levels of active ingredients. The primary formulas release the cooling action of menthol and camphor terpenes alongside additional plant extracts to enhance the cooling effect. In addition, we've loaded these exclusive products with natural emollients, including CBD hemp oil to lock in the active ingredients while also nourishing the skin.


Advantages of Our Tiered System for Customized Pain Management 

You can tailor your treatment by choosing from mild LEVEL 01 to maximum strength LEVEL 05 formulations to provide your patients with an individualized pain management solution. 

Use these products in treatment or for aftercare to help your patients get out of pain and get back in action.  


How We're Different 

Competing topical brands often use synthetically derived menthol and camphor. They also include undesirable synthetic ingredients including artificial colors and petroleum-based ingredients, which can be absorbed into the skin. 

There are cheaper forms of menthol and camphor which are commonly used in OTC products, but CBD CLINIC is committed to providing only the highest quality, natural ingredients.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for Topical Pain Relief

Camphor and menthol are FDA-permitted over-the-counter drug active ingredients. CBD CLINIC products are labeled in compliance with the applicable OTC drug monographs. With complementary analgesic properties, they can be combined or used separately for easily absorbable topical applications. 


Camphor is a cooling and heating terpene extracted from the camphor laurel tree 

  • Analgesic, Anesthetic, and Anti-Inflammatory properties: Camphor offers analgesia by activating and then desensitizing nociceptors through the outer layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum). 
  • Interacts with TRPV and TRPM receptors for a counterirritant effect: Some non-painful stimuli, like camphor's cooling and heating sensations, can compete with and counteract painful stimuli, thereby preventing pain sensations from reaching the brain. 


Menthol a cooling terpene extracted from wild mint or peppermint 

  • Analgesic and anesthetic properties: Like camphor, menthol penetrates the outer layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) and interacts with the nerve network in the dermal-epidermal junction, which extends close to the skin surface. 

Interacts with TRPM receptors for a counterirritant effect: Menthol's cooling thermal stimuli can counteract painful stimuli and temporarily inhibit pain signals from reaching the brain. 

Causes vasodilation: Menthol has been shown to improve circulation to areas of inflammation or injury through vasodilation.


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