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Neck Pain Specialist

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Neck pain can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable, limiting your range of motion and keeping you from seeing things in your peripheral vision. Additionally, patients suffering from neck pain can find their symptoms lingering for months or even years without relief. Don’t allow yourself to suffer needlessly. Brian Murphy, DC, MS, and the chiropractic specialists at Stamford Spine in Stamford, Connecticut, are experts in treating and relieving neck pain. Stop the debilitating cycle of neck pain; call or schedule your appointment online today.

Neck Pain  Q & A

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What causes neck pain? 

There is a wide range of causes for neck pain, including everything from poor posture to an injury, like whiplash. In addition, your neck muscles can suffer from strained muscles, stiffness from a sleeping position, or overuse of portable digital devices. 

What symptoms are connected to neck pain?

Besides the obvious, neck pain is also connected to headaches, numbness in the arms and legs, loss of flexibility or range of motion, back pain, dizziness, or arm weakness. Neck pain can have serious repercussions throughout your body, especially along your spinal column. 

Is there anything I can do at home to expedite neck pain relief? 

The providers at Stamford Spine will work with you to set up physical therapy exercises that improve the strength of your supporting muscles. Additionally, they can work with you on your overall healthy lifestyle, allowing you to look and feel your best for years to come. 

How does chiropractic care help with neck pain treatment?

When joint, muscle, connective tissue, or ligament injuries cause neck pain, chiropractic care is an effective pain relief treatment option. Chiropractic techniques like manual adjustments can relieve muscle pain and inflammation. 

At Stamford Spine, your neck pain treatment involves massage therapy, a holistic, drug-free pain relief method that releases muscle spasms and remedies alignment issues that put undue pressure and stress on your neck.

Chiropractic care works with your body’s natural healing power to alleviate your pain, find balance, alleviate the stress your muscles feel from spinal misalignment, and return you to your normal lifestyle. 

When should I see a physician for neck pain?

You should always err on the side of caution when experiencing neck pain. Neck pain persisting more than two weeks or accompanied by numbness or weakness in your arm should be checked out as soon as possible. If you experience balance issues, see a physician immediately. 

The costs of untreated pain are high and include financial, emotional, and physical repercussions. Remember, you don’t have to suffer if you experience neck pain. Call or schedule an appointment online with Stamford Spine today.