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How Can Foam Rolling Help You?

Have you ever wondered what exactly foam rolling can do to help your muscles? Dr. Brian Murphy with Stamford Spine is answering some frequently asked questions about the benefits of foam rolling and who can benefit!

What is foam rolling?

Foam rolling is a self muscle release technique that is an easy access and effective method. This technique has multiple benefits for muscle tightness including increasing the range of motion, controlling inflammation and warming up the muscles.

What parts of the body can it be used for?

There are various types of foam rollers. Technically, whether the foam roller can handle a whole body part or muscle, depends on the techniques you use. There is one type of foam roller designed for smaller muscle groups like arms and neck. The regular foam roller can target bigger muscle groups, such as back and lower extremities.

What are the benefits of foam rolling?

The rolling techniques are divided to pattern, frequency, pressure and the angle with the target muscle. It can reduce the muscle soreness, relax the muscle, improve joints' range of motion, and decrease the pain and sensitivity from trigger points. But, foam rolling does need to be executed correctly in order to see these benefits.

Who should use a foam roller?

People with various lifestyles can benefit from foam rolling. That inclues those in a sedentary environment, athletes, labor workers, people who love to exercise and those who play sports.

How often should someone use a foam roller?

This depends on your schedule. If you have to work all day, make sure you are rolling out 10-15 minutes after the shift. It can alleviate tension from sitting all day. Athletes and workout lovers should use foam rolling as a warm up and cool down routine.

How do you make sure you are purchasing the best foam roller for you?

There are several types of foam rollers on the market. Always starts with the smooth rollers if you are just trying it out for the first time. The textured rollers are good for the people who know how to use the foam roller correctly and are looking for a deeper pressure or different angle of rolling.

Any tips forgetting the most out of your foam rolling session?

Go easy at first, your muscles doesn't like to be pushed without any warning. Foam rolling is not a workout. Listen to your body. If the muscle is in pain when you aren't using any mechanism, contact your physician or seek an expert for help.

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