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When To Consider Seeing A Chiropractor

When To Consider Seeing A Chiropractor

Whether you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain, you may be wondering when to consider seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Murphy with Stamford Spine is explaining how to make that decision with this Q&A!

When should I consider seeing a chiropractor after an injury?

If the injury involved impact like a motor vehicle accident or head injury or fall then go to the emergency department at the hospital first. Once released and imaging is done confirming no fracture, then see your local friendly chiropractor.

If I have chronic back or neck pain, when should I consider seeing a chiropractor?

Chronic low back or neck pain can be exhausting. Don’t waste any more of your energy on it. See your local chiropractor for help with identifying what is causing the pain and get back to your energetic, productive days.

What can I expect to happen at my first appointment?


A conversation with the chiropractor that includes you talking about what you’re feeling, where you are feeling it, and how long you have been feeling it. The chiropractor should listen to you and then ask some questions for more info and understanding. The chiropractor should then examine you to see how your body is moving and where it hurts. At this point they will have a strong idea of what is going on. They will then put together a treatment plan for you and immediately start working towards getting you back to feeling good.

How quickly will the effects of chiropractic treatment take effect?

Depending on what type of tissue in the body is injured the pain relief can be immediate or take a few months. For example, if the pain is coming from a joint that is stuck or a tight muscle, a good portion of relief is typically felt on that office visit or later that day.

If the pain is coming from an irritated vertebral disc, the relief may take a couple weeks to calm down.

How often does a patient typically have to come in, in order to make treatments effective?

Depending on the patient’s condition, they may need to come in two times per week for two to three weeks. Then we are typically seeing some quality changes.

Learn More!

If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, call us at (203) 580-3232.

Find information here about what to expect during your first visit. Initial visits last one hour so that we have time to thoroughly assess your complaints and determine the best course of action. This initial evaluation helps us to determine the specific cause of your symptoms. From there, we will develop a unique treatment plan tailored to helping you heal as quickly as possible.

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